Explore the Stunning Coastal Landscapes of Corsica

Corsica’s rugged landscape extends into the surrounding sea, with incredible rock formations dotting the coastline. These wondrous and stunning gifts of nature make cruising the beautiful waters around the islands all the more fun, be it by chartering a private boat or taking a boat tour or cruise. Having a drink, taking in the view and relaxing on the waves sounds like the perfect way to see the island if you ask us!

Explore the mountains, enjoy the aroma of herbs and the wonderful scenery overlooking Calvi. Then stroll through Calvi (the birthplace of Christopher Columbus), a Genoese seaside castle surrounded by rocky mountains that cast shadows on the water. The place has a maze of quaint streets and a beautiful harbour, where there are bars and restaurants for a great dining experience.

View Stunning Coastal Landscapes of Corsica

Excellent location to admire the Calanques de Piana and other surrounding mountains and the coast beyond. The Gulf of Porto is a particularly picturesque area of ​​Corsica, which is also home to the Scandola Nature Reserve, and is best viewed from the water.

The view of Calvi Bay from Notre Dame de la Serra showcases the beauty of Calvi’s coastline and the historic layout of the city’s castle. From the dominance of scattered ships and castles to the azure waters and surrounding mountains, this is the view you need to capture.

Explore the Stunning Coastal Landscapes of Corsica With This Guide

You cannot reach Scandola Nature Reserve on foot or by car, the only way to visit is by boat. Fortunately, there are a number of travel agencies offering excursions from Porto’s marina. You can choose different lengths, but the best ones are where you visit the Scandola Nature Reserve, Girolata, and Calanques de Piana.

There are many hiking trails on the island for all skill levels, both along the stunning coastline and into the island’s spectacular interior. It’s such a beautiful island that many of the best hidden gems can only be reached on foot. Cycling and horseback riding are also great ways to explore the area.

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