Visit Movie Locations While on a Yacht

If you’re wondering which famous filming locations to visit on a yacht charter, read on. From Exumas’ famous Thunderball Grotto to Greece’s emerald seas and quaint fishing villages, there’s no shortage of stunning movie locations.

Fictional or not, a good movie can captivate audiences anytime, anywhere, and often keep them hooked. Fortunately, you can visit and experience some of the locations used in your favorite movies for yourself. A yacht charter allows you to visit these spectacular places on screen. No matter what genre of movie you like, hop from island to island and immerse yourself in your favorite movie scenes.

See Which Movies Were Filmed on a Particular Yacht

This sailing documentary tells the true story of the world’s first solo non-stop regatta. As the film progresses, the filmmakers work to expose the toll the grueling sea voyage takes on the race participants. This documentary features Simon and Claire Crowhurst.

A nautical film based on a series of 19th-century navel novels is one of the most underrated and historically accurate films of its time. Set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars, the film follows Royal Navy Captain Jack Aubrey and his crew aboard HMS Surprise.

Enjoy Beautiful Views While Sailing to Movie Locations

Watching a sailing movie is the perfect activity on a rainy day or at sunset after a long day of sailing. When your boat is safely moored for the evening, you can sit back and enjoy swashbuckling stories with your friends and family. The next time bad weather takes you below decks, watch one of these best sailing movies to keep you entertained until the storm is over.

Have you thought about going on vacation next year? One of the best things about a boating holiday is that it gives you the freedom to go places that are difficult to reach by foot, car, plane, etc. We’ve seen so many beautiful places on the big screen, but maybe you don’t know how to get there, or they’re easy to find! We’ve listed some of our favorite filming locations that you can visit during your next boating holiday.

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